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Online self-directed OCD & anxiety courses

Developed by a real therapist, Nathan Peterson


Created to help you take charge of your life and feel your best. Every course includes evidence based systems that actually work.

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Online self-directed OCD & anxiety courses

Developed by a real therapist Nathan Peterson 
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Created to help you take charge of your life and feel your best. Every course includes evidence based systems that actually work.


That endless search for relief

  You can't get the unwanted thoughts to stop.

  Constant feeling of distress, fear, and anxiety.

  You've tried many strategies that didn't work.

  These thoughts are disrupting your daily life.

  Going to a therapist is expensive and waiting for an appointment can take weeks.

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Life changing courses designed to help you conquer OCD & anxiety like a boss.

Master Your OCD

A guided step-by-step OCD course that teaches you how to lower anxiety, overthinking, and compulsions.

Learn all the OCD tricks and create a customized game plan to stay one step ahead. 



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Extra support for your OCD

-For OCD sufferers, parents, spouses, etc.
-Monthly LIVE Q&A with Nathan Peterson
-LIVE chat with others
-Early access to YouTube videos
-Get discounts on Merch


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Rise From Depression

Self-guided course to help you kick depression to the curb and live life the way you want to. 

Learn the evidence treatment skills that is proven to work for depression.


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How to Support Someone with OCD

Finally learn how to help your loved one with OCD.

Build confidence, set boundaries, and work together effectively.

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Overcome Hair Pulling & Skin Picking

Step-by-step course that teaches you how to stop pulling hair and stop picking skin.

Learn the evidence treatment skills to help you overcome your BFRB.


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Ready to slay your OCD like a hero?

Let me show you LIVE how I do OCD treatment step-by-step. It's authentic and real. See the question and answer at the end.

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Hear it from my customers.

"I never thought I could feel like my old self again. This course is the first thing that actually helped me. Highly recommended!"

- Brittney G.

"The videos showed such compassion and seriously were so easy to follow. I love the worksheets the best as they keep me motivated."

- Grant F.

"Nate makes it so easy. He says 'trust in the process' and it's so true. I finally feel better. I love that I can rewatch the videos." 

- Sophia N.

How do my programs work?

By simply following the right strategy and step by step by guidance, you can feel confident in overcoming your OCD & anxiety once and for all.

Engaging videos

Each video is 5-15 minutes. Easy to follow and skip around as needed.

Learn from anywhere

Take courses on the go or from the comfort of your home.

Treatment (the good stuff)

You will be taught evidence-based treatments and how to apply them to what you're experiencing.

All answers unlocked

To keep yourself engaged, you'll be using a series of worksheets that help bring motivation and help you set goals for success.

An action plan

I take you through creating an action plan for your treatment. Track your symptoms. Learn about yourself. Create exposure and treatment skills. Set your goals.

Supportive community

Join the community of others navigating through their own OCD. Ask questions and give and receive support!

This guy gets it! I've never felt so heard and relieved. I've been dealing with OCD for most of my life and can finally see the light. 


Richard T.
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Nathan Peterson


Nathan is a licensed OCD specialist who has helped hundreds recover from OCD and anxiety through his own private practice and online.

He has devoted his career to spreading OCD awareness through his YouTube channel with millions of views.

He knows what works and what doesn't work when it comes to treating OCD and wants the best for those who suffer. 

He is considered a kind and compassionate individual who spreads joy to those he works with, bringing humor and making those around him feel less alone.

Still not convinced? Discover what my courses can do for you.

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