Do you have OCD? Take the test to find out.

Do I have OCD?

OCD is not all about washing hands and ordering things. See if you struggle with obsessions and compulsions. Take the OCD test to better understand yourself.

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Sexual Orientation OCD

Also known as "HOCD". If you question your sexual orientation when it's mixed with obsessional thinking and anxiety, this is the test for you.

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Harm OCD

Harm OCD can feel scary to experience. You're not sure if the thoughts are real or if you'd really do what they say. Take the test to learn if you experience harm OCD. 

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Relationship OCD

It's natural to question a relationship, but when it turns into obsessive thinking and anxiety, this may be what's called relationship OCD. Take the test to find out. 

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When it comes to OCD, intrusive thoughts often want to stick around, place meaning, and cause lots of anxiety. Take the test to see if you struggle with pedophile OCD. 

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False Memory OCD

False Memory OCD involves obsessively questioning and doubting of their own memories, causing anxiety and compulsive behaviors. 

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Real Event OCD

Real event OCD consists of focusing on past problems and spending time questioning yourself, feeling guilty, and ruminating about what happened. 

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OCD Severity Scale

It's important to see the severity of your OCD. Take this test often to see if you're improving in your treatment. 

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Do I have depression?

It can be tough to recognize sadness and depression. Take the test to learn about what you are experiencing. 

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Skin Picking

Also known as a body-focused repetitive behavior (BFRB). 2%-5% of the population pick their skin. Take the test to see if you experience skin picking and learn the severity. 

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Hair Pulling

Also known as a body-focused repetitive behavior (BFRB). Hair pulling affects 1 in 50 people. Take the test to see if you experience hair pulling and learn the severity. 

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