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✔️ Feel LESS anxiety.

✔️ Learn how to STOP  intrusive thoughts.

✔️ Take CONTROL of your LIFE and OCD.

✔️ Learn REAL evidence-based treatments.

✔️ Learn to be the BOSS.

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Correct OCD treatment is important. Individuals RECOVER every day!

Let me teach you with this one-of-a-kind self-directed course for OCD!

  • Taught by a TRUE OCD specialist.
  • 42 easy-to-watch videos.
  • Step-by-step instructions for treatment of OCD.
  • An action plan to use for your specific theme of OCD.
  • Worksheets and journals to help you on your way. 
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Simply Put. This program is literally life-changing for my OCD!

Alex Deal

You’ll also get special access to the following:

🎬 42 engaging videos

You will know how to handle your OCD through the step-by-step videos. Each video is 5-15 minutes long and easy to digest.

📌 Every OCD Theme

There are specific videos for each theme or topic of OCD, providing you with the personalized guidance you'll need. 

✨ Treatment (the good stuff)

I only talk about evidence-based treatments including exposure and response prevention. This is the gold standard treatment for OCD. 

📓 Worksheets/Assignments

To keep yourself engaged, you'll be using a series of worksheets that help bring motivation and help you set goals.

💜 Action Plans

It's important for you to think about your OCD in a different way. You will have access to a journal that will prompt you to set an action plan for yourself.

🫶 Community

Join the community of others navigating through their own OCD. Ask questions and give and receive support!

Meet Nathan Peterson

➔ Real licensed therapist
➔ 13 years specializing in OCD
➔ Hundreds of people treated
➔ 3 million views on YouTube
➔ Dedicated to the OCD community


I love that I can rewatch the videos and reuse the worksheets as needed. Nate brings me hope and made the course extremely simple to follow. 

Matías Jones

Did you know that 95% of therapists will give you the WRONG advice?

Untrained OCD Specialist 

  • Will do talk therapy.
  • Will reassure you.
  • Will try to "figure out" your OCD.
  • Will talk about your past and where your OCD came from.
  • Will blame your obsessions on possible trauma.

*hint - all these things make your OCD worse. 

Trained OCD Specialist 

  • Will give you actions to do instead of talk.
  • Will teach you to stop doing compulsions.
  • Will not talk about the "content" of your fear.
  • Will not review your past to understand your OCD.
  • Will help you retrain your brain instead of tiptoe around the issue. 

*protip - doing the right treatment helps you recover.

Let's get this started!

Frequently Asked Questions

I'll throw in some EXTRA BONUSES!

Hierarchy examples for different themes

When creating treatment, it's helpful to see an example of different hierarchies.

17 Extra OCD Theme Videos

You will be prepared. I'll be throwing in 17 extra videos with various OCD themes.

This one-of-a-kind online OCD course is ready to help you on your journey!

Don't use the "wait it out" method. Instead, we must retrain the brain and I'll teach you how!

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