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OCD is a BULLY! 

I'll teach you how to gain control!

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What if you KNEW exactly how to treat your OCD?

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Topics Covered:

✅ HOCD/SOOCD (Sexual orientation)
✅ ROCD (Relationship)
✅ Scrupulosity (Religious/Moral)
✅ False Memory OCD
✅ Real Event OCD
✅ Contamination OCD
✅ POCD (Pedophile OCD)
✅ Harm OCD
✅ Symmetry OCD
✅ Responsibility OCD
✅ Just Right OCD
✅ Pure OCD
✅ Existential OCD
✅ Transgender OCD
✅ Contamination OCD
✅ Sensorimotor OCD
✅ Magical Thinking OCD
✅ Many other themes

Hi, I'm Nate! I struggled with anxiety!

I want you to get to know me on a personal level. I struggled with anxiety most of my life. I was sick of it, so guess what I did? I decided to face my fears.....I did this often. I made it a point to face my fears and respond differently to them. Little did I know, I was doing exposure and response prevention. The treatment for OCD. 

I can tell you that anxiety NO LONGER rules my life. 

I knew at this point that I needed to go to college, get licensed as a therapist, and share my knowledge with the world. That's exactly what I did!

✅ 13 years of experience working with OCD.

✅ Licensed true OCD specialist.

✅ Helped hundreds of patients find relief.

✅ Created a successful YouTube channel dedicated to OCD.

✅  Took 20+ OCD therapy sessions and packed them into one step-by-step program!

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Now Only $197

I'm Ready To Gain Control!

Hurry! Offer ends soon! 

You are NOT alone!

OCD is ranked in the top 10 most debilitating disorders in the world!

Individuals are looking for relief. The thoughts just don't seem to stop. OCD throws out unfounded threats. 

I want to teach you how to overcome your OCD and to help you find some peace. I want you to live the life YOU want to live.
Hundreds have already started their journey to freedom! Now it's your turn!

Let's Do This Thing!

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  • Learn the treatment for OCD
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"It's EVERYTHING I teach my clients!"

⭐ 41 engaging VIDEOS and counting!

⭐ Learn about yourself, the treatment for OCD, and how to maintain progress. 

⭐ Worksheets, journals, and assignments to keep you motivated.


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Nathan Peterson is a licensed therapist who specializes in OCD and Anxiety.  With over a MILLION views on YouTube and counting, Nathan focuses his time on spreading REAL treatment skills. This is why I created this course for you! So you can learn TRUE treatment skills for your OCD.  

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