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Masterclass - Level Up - Understand and Slay OCD

Ready to slay your OCD like a video game hero? Let's go through what OCD looks like and how to stay one step ahead. You'll even get the tools to start treatment effectively.

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Nathan Peterson


Nathan is a licensed OCD specialist who has helped hundreds recover from OCD and anxiety through his own private practice and online.

He has devoted his career to spreading OCD awareness through his YouTube channel with millions of views.

He knows what works and what doesn't work when it comes to treating OCD and wants the best for those who suffer. 

He is considered a kind and compassionate individual who spreads joy to those he works with, bringing humor and making those around him feel less alone.

Hear it from my customers.

"I never thought I could feel like my old self again. This course is the first thing that actually helped me. Highly recommended!"

- Brittney G.

"The videos showed such compassion and seriously were so easy to follow. I love the worksheets the best as they keep me motivated."

- Grant F.

"Nate makes it so easy. He says 'trust in the process' and it's so true. I finally feel better. I love that I can rewatch the videos." 

- Sophia N.

This guy gets it! I've never felt so heard and relieved. I've been dealing with OCD for most of my life and can finally see the light. 


Richard T.
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