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Watch me LIVE in this masterclass to help you LEVEL UP in your OCD and slay it once and for all.


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Are you ready to slay your OCD like a video game hero?

Let's go through what OCD looks like and how to stay one step ahead.

You'll even get the tools to start treatment effectively.

This is not your typical boring masterclass.

This one-of-a-kind course is video game themed and will keep you engaged in a fun way.

You won't just learn about it. We will be applying it to you personally!

Who is this for?

⋙ Those new to OCD

⋙ Those who already know OCD

⋙ Parents or support people

⋙ Those starting treatment or have been doing it a while

What You'll Learn:

 Why Do I Have OCD?

 Understanding myself in the OCD cycle

 Understanding my OCD fear

 Are medications right for me?

 What treatment looks like for me

 How to start treatment

 Enjoy the LIVE Q&A at the end



⋙ Worksheets to help you get started with treatment. 

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Featured In

Featured In:


Nathan Peterson


Nathan is a licensed OCD specialist who has helped hundreds recover from OCD and anxiety through his own private practice and online.

He has devoted his career to spreading OCD awareness through his YouTube channel with millions of views.

He knows what works and what doesn't work when it comes to treating OCD and wants the best for those who suffer. 

He is considered a kind and compassionate individual who spreads joy to those he works with, bringing humor and making those around him feel less alone.