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 ADD the Master Your OCD course

◦  For those with OCD
◦  For family who wants to learn treatment

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Let me show you what I teach hundreds of individuals with OCD on how to do treatment! Step-by-step!

➯ 42 extra videos
➯ 10 extra Worksheets



How to support someone with OCD

Parents, spouses, family, and friends NOW you know what to do to help your loved one!

Build confidence, set boundaries, and work together effectively.  

What You'll Get:

12+ engaging videos

 What you need to know about your loved one
 Understanding the OCD cycle
 Why do they have OCD?
 Will their OCD go away?
⋙ Does their topic or fear matter
⋙ Getting the right treatment
 Should they try a medication?
⋙ How to stop accommodating and reassuring
 Lies OCD will tell them
⋙ What if they don't want to do treatment?
 Teach uncertainty in all things
 Ending words for success

4 worksheets include:

⋙ Track OCD symptoms
⋙ The OCD cycle
⋙ Reassurance tracker
⋙ OCD lies tracker

⋙ Only evidenced-based treatments presented
⋙ Taught by a TRUE specialist


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What People Are Saying:

When my child first got diagnosed with OCD I had no idea what to do. After this course, I now have tools, direction, and confidence. Highly recommended!

Stacy G.

Seeing your child suffer is so incredibly hard. I searched high and low on how to help. This program is a godsend! Seriously! I've been using my new skills with my child. It's been hard, but worth it, it has helped me create solid boundaries.

Jamal B.

The worksheets for me have been the biggest help. My spouse and I have been able to do them together. I've learned more in this course than the therapist we currently see. I'm grateful for this resource and recommend it to anyone wanting to learn more about what to do in this tough diagnosis.

Jamie S.