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Overcome Hair Pulling and Skin Picking (preview)

A guided step-by-step BFRB course that teaches you how to lower stop pulling hair and stop picking skin.

Learn all of BFRB's tricks and create a customized game plan to stay one step ahead.

What You'll Get:

 21+ engaging videos

 Hair-pulling treatment guide

⋙ Skin-picking treatment guide

 22-page journal with prompts

 8 worksheets to bring you toward recovery

 Join the support group

 Only evidenced-based treatments presented

 Taught by a TRUE specialist


  • Immediate access
  • Satisfaction guaranteed

What People Are Saying:

All I can say is WOW! I've been looking for For something like this for a long time! I've been able to reduce my symptoms and it's amazing.

Jimmy B.

I've learned more through this course than I did seeing my therapist for 2 years. I feel so relieved.

Serina G.

After 10 years of hair-pulling. I finally found something that helps. I loved the videos, Nathan is very entertaining. The worksheets really helped me understand myself and start treatment!

Emily R.