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Master Your OCD + How To Support Someone With OCD + Rise From Depression

Master Your OCD

Learn all of OCD tricks and create a customized game plan to stay one step ahead.

What You'll Get:

 42+on-demand video trainings

 All OCD fears included

 26-page journal with prompts

 10 worksheets to bring you toward recovery

 Join the support group

 Only evidenced-based treatments presented

 Taught by a TRUE specialist


 7 Extra exposure ideas worksheets!

⋙ 17 Extra videos covering all OCD types!


How To Support Someone With OCD

Build confidence, set boundaries, and work together effectively.  

What You'll Get:

12+ engaging videos

 What you need to know about your loved one
 Understanding the OCD cycle
 Why do they have OCD?
 Will their OCD go away?
⋙ Does their topic or fear matter
⋙ Getting the right treatment
 Should they try a medication?
⋙ How to stop accommodating and reassuring
 Lies OCD will tell them
⋙ What if they don't want to do treatment?
 Teach uncertainty in all things
 Ending words for success

4 worksheets include:

⋙ Track OCD symptoms
⋙ The OCD cycle
⋙ Reassurance tracker
⋙ OCD lies tracker


Rise From Depression

What You'll Get:

13+ engaging videos

 Why do I have depression?
 The cycle of depression
 Are medications right for me?
 Awareness Training
⋙ Your physical self
⋙ Challenge automatic thoughts
 Behavioral activation
 Radical acceptance
⋙ Being assertive
 Setting up a roadmap for success

9 worksheets include:

⋙ Track your depression symptoms
⋙ Challenge negative thinking
⋙ 365 ideas to change behavior
⋙ Habit tracker
⋙ Mindfulness Practice
⋙ Accepting reality
⋙ Change daily behaviors planner
⋙ Daily gratitude planner
 BONUS -🎉 100 Journal ideas

⋙ Only evidenced-based treatments presented
⋙ Taught by a TRUE specialist


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What People Are Saying:

Took your course and just started treatment, feeling 99% better after only 3 days! I can't thank you enough!

Lindsey R.

The course is extremely helpful in putting difficult concepts into an easy-to-understand language. Exposures can be tough as nails, so having someone explain it with humor and compassion, as in this course, is PRICELESS!

Oliver D.

I love love love that I can rewatch the video as I'm attempting my own treatment for OCD. I use it every day! I'm honestly surprised Nate doesn't charge more for this program.

Aliyah B.