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 Are you ready to support your loved one with OCD?

Parents, Spouses, Families!

✔️ Understand OCD

✔️ Learn your ROLE in their OCD

✔️ Build confidence

✔️ Set boundaries

✔️ Learn to work together

You are in the RIGHT PLACE!

It's hard to know how to support someone with OCD! Using logic just doesn't work.

I've taught hundreds families to learn their role with OCD. Let me teach you too!

  • Taught by a TRUE OCD specialist.
  • 12 easy-to-watch videos.
  • Clear Instructions for supports.
  • An action plan to use with your loved one.
  • Worksheets for you to complete with your loved one. 
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When my child first got diagnosed with OCD I had no idea what to do. After this course, I now have tools, a direction, and confidence. Highly recommended!


You’ll also get special access to the following:

🎬 12 engaging videos

Each video is up to 10 minutes long and easy to digest. It's everything you need to know about OCD, how to make a game plan, and how to treat your loved one with OCD.

📓 Worksheets

Use the worksheets with your loved one.
➡️ Track OCD symptoms
➡️ The OCD Cycle
➡️ Reassurance Tracker
➡️ OCD Lies Tracker

💜 Action Plans

It's important for you to know what to do. You'll learn your ROLE and how to respond to someone with OCD. Throughout the course you will develop your own action plan with your loved one. 

Meet Nathan Peterson

➔ Real licensed therapist
➔ 13 years specializing in OCD
➔ Hundreds of people treated
➔ 3 million views on YouTube
➔ Dedicated to the OCD community

See what videos are inside!

See all the videos inside!


Seeing your child suffer is so incredibly hard. I searched high and low on how to help. This program is a godsend! Seriously! I've been using my new skills with my child. It's been hard, but worth it. It has help me create solid boundaries. 


This one-of-a-kind online OCD course is ready to help you and your loved one on their journey!

Don't use the "wait it out" method. It's time to learn your ROLE in your loved one's OCD.

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